Absolut Vodka launch party.

NTHCC is chilling at the Absolut Brooklyn launch party at the Causey Contemporary Art Gallery. We're enjoying the new cocktails, some great performances by Kyp Malone and Sarah Fullen, and some cool art as well. The new vodka launches June 1st.. it has a nice apple and ginger taste to it... goes great with some Jameson and ginger ale. Really cool that out of all the places Absolut could chose for its new vodka and launch party, that it was in our neighborhood. Some nice ou d'oeuvres being passed around from locals Nita Nita and others.
This is all leading up to Taste Williamsburg's big event in the next few days to help build our Northside Town Hall. We're all really excited to be here, can't wait for the event.

Kyp Malone performing, view from the Blogger's table.

Kyp Malone and Renee of Sunlight Records

Aboslut and NTHCC

Sarah Fullen and the Stanleys


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